Lead Data Scientist and Engineer

Lead Data & Web App Developer

- You thrive in a data driven environment with core statistical skills from an academic and/or professional background

- You know your PCA from your T-test and your T-test from your F-test. You are adept at analysis in R, Matlab or Python and can't quit until the analysis is 100%. You have probably been tempted to try your hand at Tensorflow or Mxnet but wouldn't necessarily consider yourself an expert

- You also have a professional background in web application development and have worked in a team where you have contributed code to production and reviewed code from other engineers for final deployment. For a new project you know how to choose between Django and Flask, but perhaps you have other options in mind too. You hate shipping bugs but you know it comes with the territory so you also love fixing them before your loyal clients lose faith in you

- You know that it takes more than coding knowledge to build a high quality web application and can bring development professionalism to your new team

- You want to work in a high growth environment and see the development of a new industry from scratch

- You love to own parts of a product and get a thrill from your analysis being used by thousands of clients to make business critical decisions